How to Live a More Modest Lifestyle with 8 Tips for Home Owners

Cottagecore is a recent trend that celebrates simple living. Cottagecore is the antithesis of the “bigger-is-better” mentality, and it embodies a lifestyle of modesty, simplicity, and sustainable living. The aesthetic also draws inspiration from ’70s fashion trends with its earthy tones and cozy vibes.

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside. For those who want to simplify their lives but still enjoy all the conveniences of modern life without feeling like they are missing out on anything – cottagecore may be for you! With 8 tips for home owners to make your residence feel more cottage core-esque today we will explore what this new trend has to offer as well as how to incorporate it into your own living space.

1. Make a Lounge Space for Entertaining

If you have the extra room, one of the more fun ways of making your home feel more cottage-y is by adding a lounge area where friends can gather and enjoy each other’s company without feeling cramped.

2. Create a Reading Nook

If your place is small, the best way to make it feel less cramped and more homey is by adding a reading nook. You don’t need very much space for this, just somewhere to curl up with a book.

3. Go Vintage

Whether you buy vintage furniture or bring back furniture pieces you already own, incorporating more vintage accessories into your living space will instantly give it that cottage-core feeling.

4. Use Natural Elements

The use of the earth’s elements is another great way to achieve a more down to earth feel in your living area. Try using organic materials like wood and wicker furniture pieces.

5. Incorporate More Natural Foliage

Adding plants can make any space more homey, but it’s even better if you use plants that are native to your area. This will give your living space instant authenticity.

6. Add an Unexpected Touch of Color

Cottagecore is often characterized by earth tones, but adding pops of color can add a cute and unexpected touch of character to your living space.

7. Make Your Own Textiles

If you have the skills, making your own textiles is a great way to personalize your living space with cottagecore flair. Sewing blankets or table cloths, sewing pillows or wall hangings, etc., are all great ways to make your own textiles.

8. Go on a Nature Walk

This may sound like an oxymoron, but going on a nature walk and gathering plants and twigs is a great way of embracing the outdoors without having to go too far from home. Especially if you live in an urban setting, this can be a great way to get back to nature and enjoy being outdoors without going too far from home.

After reading this article you should have a better understanding of the Cottagecore aesthetic and how to incorporate this trend into your home decor or lifestyle. Remember, there is no rush – making changes takes time so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t seem to be working out right away. As with anything, slow and steady wins the race!

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