How Go Paperless Has Impacted My Life for the Better | 10 Reasons To Go Paperless

You’ll go through an entire process of converting your old ways into the new ways, and it may be difficult for you at first. But once you go paperless, you’ll never go back!

What is going paperless

Going paperless is the act of no longer using any paper in your life. This means no paper calendars, planners, journals, notebooks, etc. Going paperless has been big for a couple decades now and the advancements go on.

What are the benefits of going paperless?

Only spending money once: by going paperless your hardcover books will be able to hold hundreds of titles instead of just one or two at a time. As go paperless you’ll spend much less money on books and journals so your wallet will thank you for it.

One of the benefits of going paperless is that this trend has decreased pollution, which is great for our environment. Less trees need to be cut down and processed, and the waste from old notebooks can go into compost rather than a landfill.

Many go paperless to save money for other purchases and go green. With going paperless you’re doing more for the environment, which is quite rewarding!

Going paperless is also great for your health. You won’t have so many headaches from being constantly tired from having so much paper on your eyes all day.

Going paperless has also been noted to help people go more green and become better with their spending habits. Never again will you have to worry about going back home from a grocery store or mall without your wallet because it’s at the bottom of one of your shopping bags…

Another benefit of go paperless is having a better understanding of your surroundings. With go paperless you can go anywhere and still have a map or directions with you since there is no paper to get wrinkled or torn in your bag.

Going paperless has also shown to be associated with increased productivity for people of all ages. This is great news for students, parents, bosses, employees… go go go!

10 Reasons to Go Paperless

There are many reasons to go paperless, but the number one reason is for your health. You will no longer have so many headaches from being constantly tired from having so much paper on your eyes all day.

You’ll save money by going paperless and this will leave you with extra to go out and spend on something more meaningful for yourself or someone else.

If you go paperless, there’s less pollution since there is less waste in landfills too!

Another great benefit of going paperless is that it helps people go green within their lives by saving energy with everyday things like turning off lights when they’re not needed, recycling plastics instead of throwing them away, composting food instead of putting it in a landfill…

Your wallet will be thankful when you go paperless since going paperless requires less money to print books, notebooks, planners…

Those who go paperless also show increased productivity due to paperless. This is great news for students, parents, bosses who are employees of all ages!

Without worrying about your lost or damaged notebook that you will never see again, go paperless is great for your memory. You’ll be able to go anywhere and still have a map or directions with you since there is no paper to get wrinkled or torn in your bag.

Converting the old to new

While going paperless can be daunting at first, it’s completely worth it once you start seeing how much money you’re saving by not buying expensive notebooks or planners go paperless, things are clearer because there’s less clutter in the way of what needs to be done go paperless, you’re working harder because there’s less distractions go paperless…

The process of going paperless can be tough at first but once you go paperless it’ll all feel worth it. For example I went from carrying 3 notebooks, a planner, an agenda, and my phone around with me everywhere go paperless to just carrying my phone go paperless. It’s been a long process but I’ve learned from experience that going paperless is the only way to save trees!

What are the drawbacks of going paperless?

Disorganization is one of the main drawbacks for some go paperless. You don’t have your regular planner automatically organized for you anymore, so it may take a little more time to find things in your go paperless life. But once you get used to it at go paperless, go go go!

Another drawback is the lack of traditional books for go paperless readers. For those who love to read physical storybooks and novels go will be disappointed with go paperless because there are not many options out there yet. But go green, right? There are better ways to go about it than getting hardcover books for go paperless readers.

Another drawback of go paperless is the amount of time it may take you to go paperless and adjust. The more prepared and ready you are, go go go!

Other drawbacks include but are not limited to: getting lost because there is no map or directions, no scratch-off tickets or fortune cookies, no notepads or pens, go paperless!


Going paperless has effected my life in many ways all for the better. Going paperless makes me feel great about what I am doing for the environment and where I am spending my money. It is a huge relief knowing that I am buying a book only once, and going paperless has its benefits for your health and overall productivity.

If you got to go paperless you will go more green, save money, and go more organized. Go go go go go go.

What do you think? Have any suggestions on how to go paperless? Comment below!

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