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How You Can Use Your Recycled Items to Decorate Your Home

You could have a garden theme, have pictures to represent different places you’ve been or use it as a way to show off family heirlooms. There are plenty of ways you can find inspiration for your next project-whether it’s crafting something from scratch or finding treasures in the trash!

What are some of the most creative ways you can use your recycled items to decorate your home

1. Use old wine bottles to make a lamp – for this project you’ll need a string of lightbulbs, a power plug and an old wine bottle

2. Display your old holiday decorations in a very creative way by ice-sculpting them into an ornament

3. Create a mosaic from those pieces of junk mail you’ve been saving

4. Use those cereal boxes as wrapping paper for gifts or use them as placemats at your next dinner party

5. Recycle tin cans to create DIY vases to fill with flowers, plants or anything else that catches your fancy

6. Create a beautiful decoration from scrap fabric scraps by sewing them together with thread and embroidery floss

7. For this project you’ll need paper, glue and something to create a pattern with

8. Use empty paper towel rolls as holders for your pens or pencils

9. Make a great wall hanging from old wire hangers by painting them – you can even use these hangers as the very decoration hanging on the wall

10. Paint old wooden spoons and use them to create a hanging pot rack that you can then hang on the wall

Why did you choose these particular pieces for this article?

1. We chose these ideas because they’re some of the most creative ways we could find to show off your recycled items and put them to good use

2. We chose these ideas because they’re some of the most creative ways we could find to show off your recycled items and put them to good use

3. For this project you’ll need paper, glue and something to create a pattern with

How would one go about starting this project, what supplies do they need and how much time does it take on average?

1. To make a DIY paper bird you’ll need an A4 sheet of paper, old magazines and scissors

2. For this project you’ll need wine bottles, glass etching cream and safety goggles

3. If you’re willing to put the work into it then making mosaic ornaments can be a very rewarding and fun experience

4. For this project you’ll need old holiday decorations, scissors and glue to create your ornament

5. To make a recycled wine bottle clock you’ll need an old bottle, screws, nuts and bolts and the tools necessary to assemble them together

6. This is one of those projects that takes a long time and patience because you’ll be sewing together scraps of fabric for what could potentially be hours

7. This project requires a lot of patience, as well as time and planning to complete it successfully

8. Use paint, brushes and something to create your pattern with to make an amazing hanging rack out of wire hangers

9. This project takes a lot of work, so allow yourself enough time to finish it before you start for your own sake

10. To make a simple wall hanging out of wire hangers you’ll need some wire hangers, string, paper clips and anything else to create your pattern with

In what situations might people improve their craftsmanship?

1. If someone has never sewn before, this is a great project to begin with because it’s very simple and easy

2. If you want to make sure that your mosaic ornament comes out looking perfect then you could start by drawing a rough sketch of how you’d like the end product to look like

3. This is a great project for someone who wants to learn how they can become more creative and/or they’re capable of taking on a difficult project

4. If you want to make sure that your wire hanger wall hanging looks nice then you should plan out what it is you’d like the end result to look like before you begin

5. If you want to make sure that your clock is properly repaired, then you might want to start by checking the back of it for any pieces or parts that may have been used in previous repairs

Other types of projects someone could undertake with their recycled items

1. Glass containers –

2. Bowls and baskets

3. Candles and candles holders

4. Mosaics and paintings

5. Charms, metal items and jewelry

6. Wire hangers –

7. Picture frames

8. Mirrors

9. Frames and old picture cards, etcetera –

10. Clocks and watches (potentially broken ones since


The possibilities for how you can use your recycled items are endless. If you’re feeling stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what type of project we could help you with. We have a team of experts who would be happy to brainstorm with you on any upcoming projects or assignments that need special attention. In the meantime, feel free to browse our blog archives for more ideas about creative ways in which people have used their recycled goods!

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